Garden Flags
12" by 18"

Garden Charms
16"-23" by 11"- 18"

Garden Charms
20"-25" by 27"- 34"

House Flags
28" by 40"
59153  the 19th Hole : Garden Charms   UPC# 630104591533
# 59121 : Rudy Rooster  Garden Charms  upc #  59121
#51436:Colorful Frogs:Brilliance Flag upc #630104514365
#51335:Patriotic Flowers:Illuminated Flag upc #630104513351
This picture page show all the examples of Accent Home & Garden by Premier designs Flags & Garden Charms
for Canastota Gift Shop and Online Store.
Accent Home & Garden flags
We print our Accent Home & Garden flags using a dye sublimation technique for the best quality and reversibility. We add embroidery to enhance details of our beautifully designed Accent Home & Garden flags. Strong, durable, and high end leather tabs are used inside the Accent Home  flag pole sleeves
Our Accent Home & Garden Brilliance flags are the finest in the industry. Accent Home & Garden Brilliance flags are available in House size (28x40") and Garden size (12x18").
Our Accent Home & Garden Appliqué flags are made with SunTex™ fabric, stitched together with fade-resistant threads for durability. The Accent Home & Garden flags have high-quality, intricate appliqué designs and are available in a variety of sizes and themes.
Our Accent Home & Garden Prestige flags measure 36x52". They are larger, yet able to fit our regular house flag poles. You will love our intricate applique designs with the layered 3-D appearance. Strong and durable leather tabs are used inside the pole sleeves. These high end Accent Home & Garden  flags are stunning, yet affordable.
Premier's Elite Series Accent Home  flags made with fade-resistant fabric are bold and alluring. Their larger 36" W x 52" H size guarantees a beautiful presentation of design and color. These Accent Home & Garden  flags will make a dramatic statement outside your home or in your garden.   
Accent Premier designs Garden Charms
Accent Premier designs Garden Charms  are either inflatable or non-inflatable that will indeed charm everyone in your neighborhood. Easy to inflate by mouth or optional pump, Accent Premier designs Garden Charms  have a beautiful 3-D shape not found in other garden ornaments, and they have a plush feel with extra wind stability. Our fun-loving Accent Premier designs Garden Charms will turn heads as they sway gently into the wind.

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