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Glass Wind Garden
Category Examples
Geo-Kinetic Sculptures
9-13" by 23-35"
Glass Expressions
10" by 8.5"
Glass Kites
5" by 15"

Glass Sun Disks
8" by 31"
Glass Scrolls
15" by 16"
Glass Critters
4.5-6" by 15.5-17.5"
Suspenion Fish Mobile
11.5-16" by 16.25-18"
 Glass Sun
8" by 30"
Terra  Glass
4.5" by 16.5"
4.5" by 19"
Premier Glass Windgarden Category Examples
When you need that unusual gift for that special person you are sure to find something in Glass- Windgarden by Premier design. From the lovely Terra Glass to the unique Geo-Kinetic Sculptures, we have something for all. The colorful Fish Mobiles, Glass Sun Disks, Glass Sun Catchers and Glass Expressions bring a breath of enlightenment to any home, patio, sun porch or deck area. When you want to make a statement on life, the Tri-panel Glass Expressions will do the trick. 
For that playful mood the Glass Kites or Glass Critters will give you that edge for yourself or dear friend. You are able to demand upbeat  air of promise  when you project these themes for your surroundings with these glass aids.
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Tri-Panel Glass Expressions
6.5" by 27"
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