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Glass Tri Panel Expressions
6.5" by 27"
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Tri-Panel Glass Expressions
Size: 6.5” by 27”
!!  A sunny way to express yourself  !! 

Tri-Panel Glass Expressions are the latest and greatest thing in home décor. Using popular sun-drenched color palettes that matches today’s home décor. 
Tri-Panel Glass Expressions are a fun and simply way for you to make a statement on life. Because of the combination of opaque, hand-lettering on translucent, soft-textured glass Tri-Panel Glass Expressions look great hanging in your or friends window, on a patio or just a wall. When long after greeting cards are put in a box or thrown away, this “Glass Card” will still be delivering its cherry message. Order your choice of Tri-Panel Glass Expressions on our 

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P.S.   Couldn’t you use two or three??

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